Here at Joining hands we take pride in giving the best service possible, we go the extra mile. We take our time to put you and your needs first, to provide a personal experience that fits your agenda. Our dedicated, friendly care givers are passionate and making a positive impact in peoples lives. This enables us to provide industry leading care, tailored to suit your personal needs. 

We work together with you to coordinate how to best support you in maintaining your independence and reaching your personal goals. 

Giving you what you need, When you need it

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Domiciliary Care

You might want to consider domiciliary care if you are finding it difficult to cope with daily routines, such as washing and dressing or you do not want to move into a care home. 

What is Domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care or homecare is having a carer come to visit you in the comfort of your home. This could help you immensely, especially if you are having difficulty walking or getting around. Domiciliary care could make a big difference in helping you to maintain your independence and quality of life.

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